Freedom Path 307 Formed for Job Creation, Conservative Fiscal Policies to Improve Wyoming’s Economy

February 18, 2022

CHEYENNE – Wyoming has a new non-profit organization committed to advancing pro-jobs and conservative fiscal policies in the state. Freedom Path 307, a 501(c)4 organization, will work to advocate for conservative fiscal solutions to Wyoming’s many economic challenges.

Wyoming’s working families and economy are being threatened by Biden’s anti-mineral policies, overregulation and unbridled inflation. Wyoming faces a structural deficit, stagnant economy and jobs decline.

Coupled with skyrocketing inflation, Wyoming families face a monthly evaporation of their paychecks and a struggle to make ends meet. To directly counter economic loss, Freedom Path 307 will advance policies grounded in conservative, pro-liberty philosophy to get back on track.

“All around us, leftist and socialist ideas are permeating our institutions and threatening the economic foundations that make Wyoming and America great,” said Sam Galeotos, a member of the group’s board of directors. “Now is the time to fight back with real, conservative ideas that will chart a way forward toward a future defined by personal freedom, job creation and fiscal sanity,” he said.

The group is hosting renowned economist Art Laffer in February to jump start the conversation on controlling taxes, holding down the size of government and fighting rampant inflation.

Freedom Path 307 is led by a board of directors of leading conservative job creators and business leaders. They include:

  • Eli Bebout – Minerals business leader
  • B. Wayne Hughes, Jr. – Businessman and philanthropist
  • Liz Brimmer – Business and communications consultant
  • Diemer True – Minerals business leader
  • Ron Micheli – Agriculture business leader
  • Sam Galeotos – Entrepreneur and hospitality and tech business leader
  • Peter Nicolaysen – Oil, gas and agriculture businessman
  • Becky Costantino – Businesswoman and conservative policy leader